Ms. Maggie Zhou
Ballet Teacher

Ms. Maggie has been dancing Classical Ballet since she was 5 years old. Her driving passion and natural aptitude for dance enabled her to attain straight Distinctions for all her Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Graded and Vocational Examinations as well as the all Commonwealth Society for Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) Ballet exams with Honours Plus.

Over the last 7 years, Ms. Maggie has accumulated rich experience in teaching classical ballet both in China and in Singapore, engaging with a diverse range of students from ages 2.5 to 16 as well as adults. Her tenure in these regions has not only been marked by her dedication to teaching but also by her contributions as a choreographer, where she has created competitive and performance pieces that have been showcased in China.

Ms. Maggie’s teaching methodology is characterized by creativity and inspiration, underpinned by a strong commitment to the continuous development of her students. Driven by an unyielding passion for dance, Ms. Maggie is dedicated to the cultivation and inspiration of future generations of dancers.