Ms. Kayla Chong
Ballet Teacher

Ms. Kayla started ballet at the age of 3. She has been trained and mentored by Ms Yan through private classes since she was 10, through the YBA Elite and Soloist programmes. Ms. Kayla is part of the YBA Teacher Program where she has been trained for close to 2 years by Ms Yan and Ms Qu, teaching the Elite program together with her mentors.

Ms. Kayla has completed the full RAD curriculum up to Advanced 1 in 2023, achieving Distinctions for the past gradings. She aim to complete the final level, Advanced 2, in the near future. She is well versed with the RAD curriculum and knows the requirement to learn the technique in a safe and effective manner.

In addition, Ms. Kayla has extensive experience competing in solo, duo and ensemble categories, locally and internationally, starting at the age of 9. She has clinched several top awards for Singapore and YBA. Some of her notable recent achievements include Gold awards for World Ballet Grand Prix 2023 and 2022. She has also been awarded the Best Performer Award in the Singapore Challenge Cup and Gold Medal in Masterpiece International Ballet Compatition.

Ms. Kayla also has stage performance experience as a dancer for Singapore Youth Ballet Company. In 2022, she performed in the modern ballet play, Journey through the Doldrums, clinching several scholarships during her tenure.

Ms Kayla is also trained in piano, with an interest in song composing. Together with her love for dance, she hopes to marry both artistries to elevate her skills and performance to a higher level and provide wider choreographic possibilities for her students.